We travel slow, no hurry. When we arrive in a new place, we still don’t know when we are going to move on. We want to spend as much time as possible travelling and getting to know people and places. This lifestyle made us meet wonderful people and so, we’ve put a lot of effort into understanding the world throw their eyes. Besides, there are so many opportunities that came up only because we could wait. Such as being guided into unseeing destinations, witnessing traditional celebrations and even getting unexpected rides toward our next stop.

 Low cost travelling means minimizing all spends as much as possible. We actually do so to maximize our time on the road. Travelling low cost means, above all, planning the next steps: meals, transportation and even the free admission day in each museum we’ll visit. We are always carrying packed lunches and using the public transport wherever we go. There is also another thing that plays a big role in all of this – we count a lot on the kindness of people. That’s right! Many people feel accomplished when they get to help travelers in their journey. Therefore, we often get invited for meals, taken from place to place and even get free accommodation from the amazing people we meet along the way.



Climbing, by itself, is a very collective sport and has this amazing capacity to put together people that wish to be close to nature and travel. That’s why we can count on this unique community to move on. We are always heading towards places where we can both climb and be in touch with nature – those two things go hand in hand and we chase them both!

Leaving our car behind was the first decision we made about the trip. Travelling by foot and arriving in places with a backpack is a whole different deal than arriving inside a car. This makes us leave among the locals and rely on them. Besides, if the idea is cutting down costs, maintaining a car is unthinkable. Finally, driving and worrying about a car the whole time is exhausting and it would make us move way faster than how we wanted the trip to go.



Our biggest cost reducer during this trip has been the partnerships we’ve done so far. We work with audiovisual productions and believe that  trading is a valuable mean for moving forward. So we negotiate our work for all kinds of trade during the way – specially for accommodation in hostels and guest houses. We offer portifolio updates that can be used in social media, websites or any kind of publicity in exchange for stays, meals and tours.

What about becoming one of our partners and helping us moving forward? Get in touch!