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The First Edition of Xivaldo Macaco’s Festival happened from 31/05 to 03/06/2018, in Macaco Hill – a craig situated in Pirenopolis – Goias, right in the heart of Brazil. The festival brought around 50 climbers to the craig – a beautiful red wall, with fun 3D climbing. It is inside a private property and the owners – Seu Erino e Dona Ereni – are big supporters of the sport.


They are a traditional family that have been leaving on the area for generations and only got in touch with the sport when the first climbers approached them and asked to climb there, many years ago. They didn’t only allow the climbing on their land - they welcomed the climbers openheartedly, showing them the best of Brazilian hospitality.


During the festival, there was a big shady area prepared for the tents. The climbers could also order breakfast and dinner – both served with a choice of 3 natural juices, from fruits picked directly from their garden. They even prepared the corral to receive a jam session during the night, which tied the whole experience together.


Macaco Hill has 100+ bolted routes, ranging from 5a to 8c and going up to 48m long. Besides many undergoing projects and new sectors being opened by locals. Check out the video below and feel a little bit of the festival’s ambiance.

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What about you? Will you miss the next edition?