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Children climbing among adults, a lot of sports routes mixed with the bouldering problems – the best possible vibe for a festival. That’s how the 11th edition of São Thomé das Letras Bouldering Festival went on. It happened between the 26 and 29th of July 2019 in this high town, on southern Minas Gerais. It is nicely located on the top of the mountains and surrounded by this mystical feeling. When you are getting closer to São Thomé you can feel it: cold wind, adherent quartzite stones and a lot of climbing! Take a look on the video below. It shows how climbing in Brazil looks like:

São Thomé seems like a place made for climbing. The sectors are so close to city center that you won’t get tired walking there. Its unnecessary to say that the view from such a high point is breathtaking. You walk to the crags going among the stone houses and, once you get high enough, there is a beautiful sunset or unreliable moonrise to observe. It is really a very mystic place. Besides all of that, there is a special climber in São Thomé that changed the climbing experience around there. Fabiano Lopes, a local climber, developed a social climbing program for the local children. It’s very easy to perceive the impact that his program had on the climbing scene: besides adults going up and down the rocks, there is also many younger hands climbing the walls and creating a new path for their lives.


Check out the pictures of theses amazing climbing days in São Thomé Climbing Festival. Fell free to share the pictures taking by Leve de Viagem during the 11th edition theses Brazilian bouldering festival