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Ouroboulder is a well stablished bouldering festival that happens in Ouro Preto every year. From the 13 to 16 of July 2018, this historical city in the state of Minas Gerais received the 12th edition of Ouroboulder. It happens in São Sebastião Hill, righ in the Andorinhas Municipal Park. The climbing in Ouro Preto (or Ouro “Roofs”, how the locals call it) is known for the long and overhanging boulders. This festival has been happening for so long, that many of the biggest climbers in Brazil have been there to help spread the word! Take a look at what we’ve captured from it.

      FiatLux (V11)      

This is a problem that challenges people differently! In this Ouroboulder edition, we witnessed different attempts to send FiatLux, a V11 boulder: a climber that has a long term debt with it and another one that had never climbed it


José Luiz (@josephclimber), 31, from Goiânia (Goiás). Before the beginning of his climbing trip, Zé Coach was challenged to flash a V10 during the following days. Mission more than accomplished! You can check the video of his V11 sent. First day. First climb. First sent!

Guilherme Costa (@guilhermecrcosta), Negava, started the problem already knowing what he had ahead of him. After a few trials, he also sent the V11 problem.

Negava strikes again! He solved this V9 problem. Another notable feature of Ouro Preto’s climbing is the slab top outs everywhere. This demands a lot of technique and precision of the climber to finish the lines, when they are already pumped from the moves. Check out how he managed to do so.

 Bigbig (V9) 

  Eu Acredito (V12)