Leve de Viagem can be translated to Lightly Travelling. The whole idea came from Ana and Marcello’s dream of travelling the world. We decided to let go of our certainties to give space for the unknown. It's challenging! The only thing that – for sure – isn’t light in this trip is our backpacks. Lightness is in our soul.


Before crossing the border, we decided to get to know Brazil – our home country. So, we left for a journey from Minas Gerais to Belém, two very different places in opposite sides of the country. We went from the mountains to the tropical rainforest and it took us 12000 KM and 11 months to do so.


We have been on the move by trading our work (photography and video) for kindness - accommodation, food, good talks and experience. Moving slowly, feeling the places and experiencing the people!


Join us in this lightly travelling way of life. 


Ana, economist and forward thinking. Marcello is a journalist and organizing freak. Two climbers and nature lovers! The mixtures of this 2 Brazilians willing to pack their whole lives into 4 backpacks and hit the road ended up on this: Leve de Viagem.


Marcello is an artist! He has had a camera on this hand since he was a child and sees the world in the most beautiful perspective ever since. He can capture feelings and turn them into stunning pictures. Has attentive eyes and gentle heart – just as needed for unveiling the whole world.


Ana is the short form of Ana Clara and she is unstoppable. When she decides something, she goes for it until the end. Wants to meet everyone and be everywhere. That’s her biggest motivation to travel - knowing the unbelievable stories and seeing the indescribable landscapes.


This desire to hit the road didn’t come from nowhere. We prepared ourselves to make this dream come true. We went through many fazes going from a full urban life to a nomad life together. Now we are exactly where we planned to be - on the road! Everything that used to be a faraway dream, is now being added to a very long bucket list.

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